About Justin Carmony

I’m a person who is passionate about technology and people. I’ve spent most of my career focused on engineering leadership and solving technical challenges. I have a passion for startups, open source communities, and journalism.

Engineering Leadership

I’ve been a professional software engineer since 2005. I am currently the Senior Director of Engineering at Deseret Digital Media overseeing all things related to big data, analytics, and news. In the past, I’ve been the CTO and CIO for two successful small startups. I specialize in creating teams that ship reliable software on time and on budget. I have a pragmatic passion for agile and prefer to throw the buzzwords out the door and just use it effectively with our teams.

I’ve made the transition to being full-time in management (though I still get my hands dirty most weeks with side projects). I love working with engineers and helping them grow. I have a passion for mentorship, coaching, and training. My greatest accomplishments have been the engineers I’ve helped find their stride and become fantastic.

Open Source Communities

I love participating in Open Source communities locally in Utah, as well as internationally with large groups. I served as a core team member of the Utah Open Source Foundation for several years. I’ve helped organize OpenWest, previously known as the Utah Open Source Conference, for several years. I ran the Utah PHP Usergroup for several years and was a member for over a decade. I love contributing to Open Source projects when I can find some time to do so.


I am passionate about preparing and delivering high-quality presentations. Since 2008, I’ve delivered dozens of presentations across the world. You can find a list of some of these talks here.


I had the privilege of being the Director of Engineering at the Deseret News for six years. I started with no experience in journalism (I didn’t know what a byline was…) and left there with a real passion for it. Helping transform the Deseret News to a digital age during some of the toughest years were the most rewarding in my career. I left with a passion for journalism; and yes, I have a dozen news apps on my phone; and yes, I do get all of their push notifications. #breakingNews


When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two young children at home. Our current family hobbies include video games, music, dance parties, giant blanket forts, cooking, playing in the snow, and causing chaos around the house.

Oh, and Minecraft. My son and I have played so much Minecraft over the years it is ridiculous. Personally, I’m completely exhausted with the game, but he still loves it so we continue to play.

If any of the above sounds interesting to you, and you’re in the Salt Lake City area, feel free to message me on Twitter. I’m always up for meeting other people over lunch.

— Carmony

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