New Meetup: Engineering Leadership Utah

I’ve had a few people reach out to me asking about my new Meetup, so the cat is out of the bag: I’m starting an engineering leadership meetup in Utah. (Pro-tip, when you create a meetup in, they will promote it soon after, so don’t create it unless you’re ready for people to notice. 😅)

User groups and meetups played a large part in accelerating my career and growth as a developer. Participating in the Utah PHP Usergroup, OpenWest, and several other groups have helped me grow immensely.

For the last seven years, I’ve held a management position with my primary teacher being trial and error. When I get the moment to sit down and talk with other engineering managers, I have learned so many things. I hope to provide a safe space for engineering managers; current, new, or aspiring; to meet and discuss common problems we face and techniques to improve our craft.

Meetup Format:

  1. Meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month
  2. Alternative Between SLC and Lehi
  3. Each meeting have some time for discussion & networking
  4. Have a presentation or session with prepared speakers, panels, or facilitators.

What I’m working on next to get the group ready:

  1. Code of Conduct -I’ve got an initial Code of Conduct, I need to make some tweaks to it
  2. Venues – I would like to alternate meetings between Salt Lake City and Lehi. I don’t have any venues lined up in the Lehi area. If you have any leads of where we could host, please let me know.

Do you want to help get the group started or participate? Here is how you can help:

  1. Sign up for the Meetup!
  2. Be a speaker or facilitator – Email me (justin AT justincarmony DOT com) letting me know you’d like to speak, we’d love to have you.
  3. Promote the event – Let your friends, coworkers, peers, and strangers about the meetup.
  4. Find a Lehi venue – If you know of a location we could use in Lehi, please reach out and let me know.

Thanks, hopefully we can create a great community for engineering leaders here in Utah.

— Carmony

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