Talk: Writing Interactive User Interfaces with PHP & React.js – PHPNW15

Wow, this talk. I had warned myself when I started speaking I would never, ever be one of those speakers who came ill-prepared and bombed a talk. It took being ~30 talks in my speaking career where I let my guard down, and at one of my very favorite conferences, I blew it. (Ok, maybe not bombed it, but I didn’t do well to my standards)

Ok, I didn’t totally blow it, but if you watch the video (I was almost tempted not to post it) feel free to skip the live demo. What happened is my first part of my talk went incredibly fast, and then I ran into technical difficulties with my live demo (which I didn’t prepare or harden very well in advance). What was the worst part is because I took so long trying to get my live demo to work, I had well-prepared content I had to rush.

Fortunately, my second presentation to give that weekend went super well, and it was because it was a well prepared and rehearsed presentation.

Anyway, the slides are great, and feel free to skip the live demo part in the video.



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