Happy Birthday PHP

Whew, it has been a busy day.

Today I saw so many of my friends posting their thoughts on PHP and it’s 20th birthday. It is pretty incredible how far it has come, and how much of the web it powers. I wish I had more time to post my history with PHP, my first websites, my first security vulnerabilities, my first successes, and failures, etc.

But alas, it has been a very busy day. I woke up and went to work at a job I absolutely love. I then came home to my family in our wonderful home and made forts with our 2-year-old son. Then to wrap up the evening I worked on some PHP code for a project at work that we’re demoing tomorrow. It went by really quick.

I loved every moment of it, and to be completely honest, my life would likely be very different if it were not for PHP. It was the easiest language to learn how to do web programming, and little by little a hobby turned into a job, which turned into a career.

I feed my family using the skills & knowledge that came from the PHP community. It is humbling that my life has been enriched by so many people who have helped build the PHP language & community. I’ve met so many dear friends locally and internationally because of the opportunities working in PHP.

So to every contributor & community member, thank you. I don’t know what the next 20 years will bring for PHP, but I hope for great things.

— Carmony

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