My 2011 Recap

As I look back on 2011, its been a pretty fun year technology & work wise. While I have a few more draft posts to finish up, I thought I’d hit some highlights from the past year.


Its been a fun year with the Utah PHP Usergroup. I look forward to it each month, and if you’re in Utah, you definitely should come. We’ve had a lot of interesting talks, such as running your app in different clouds, several MySQL Forks and NoSQL stuff.

I also had a great time going to my first PHP specific conference. While I’ve attended and spoken at other conferences, Tek 11 was a lot of fun. Met a lot of smart and fun people.

As for work, I do almost exclusively PHP work. We power the Dating DNA website and APIs using PHP. All of the Clipish Apps’ APIs are powered by PHP. Alienware Arena, The GeForce StarCraft II Pro/Am Tournament, Thermaltake eSports, and a few other gaming tournaments sites, all powered by PHP.

I’m hoping to blog more about PHP this year. While I use it all over the place, it seems I write more about all the other pieces that interface with and support PHP.

New Technologies

There have been a handful of new technologies gaining traction. We’ve been using Redis in production for quite awhile now, and finding more and more uses for it. I’ve played around quite a bite with node.js, and I see some potential for augmenting PHP with it. MongoDB, CouchDB, and a few other data stores have shown a lot of potential in situations that play to their strength. I’m still a major fan of MySQL, but it’s nice to good options for things that MySQL isn’t as strong at.

New Goals

I’ve been working out, eating well, and such for almost 8 weeks now as well as my wife. The net effect is I’ve lost 16 pounds, and my wife has lost quite a bit too. This was done over the holidays even. We still have some ways to go to get to our goals, but we’re hoping to be successful in 2012 and hit our target goals. We’re even starting to enjoy lifting, cardio, and eating right.

I’m also setting the goal to blog once a week this year. I’ve tried daily, and that is just too much, but once a week is manageable. Hopefully it’ll be relating the technologies I use, to help share the cool stuff we get to use in-house.

Upcoming in 2012

We’re launching a new product in 2012 for Dating DNA, hopefully within a month or so. I’m also hoping to go to a few conferences this year, and perhaps speak at a few of them. Also, on the fun side of things, we’ll be going on a cruise in April, and perhaps a trip to China in September.

I hope everyone had an excellent 2011, and and amazing 2012!

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