Helping Daniel Buy A Water Buffalo

I have a very good friend, Daniel Allen, who is living in China for 18 months for his work. It’s been very interesting to hear about how life is like in China, and how the culture is “on the other side of the world.”

Well, this year for Christmas, Daniel wanted to help raise up $250 for… a water buffalo. Yup, thats right, a Water Buffalo.

What in the world for? To donate for a family in a rural. Why? From the Heifer International website:

A water buffalo can lead a hungry family out of poverty and give them a chance for a bright future filled with hope and free from hunger.

In poor Filipino villages, water buffalo from Heifer provide draft power for planting rice and potatoes, milk for protein and manure for fertilizer and fuel. A farmer can plant four times more rice with a buffalo than by hand.

Water buffalo haul heavy loads to the market, where the sale of extra produce brings in vital income for clothing, medicine and school. By renting their buffalo to neighbors, Heifer partner families can earn money for home improvements. And one day, those same neighbors might receive a water buffalo of their own as recipients pass on the gifts of animals and training.

Protein-rich milk, strength to till soil, manure to enrich the land … so many benefits. And, in turn, water buffalo are happy just to graze on coarse grasses and other plants not suitable for harvesting.

So Daniel wants to raise the funds for one!

I need your help.

Well actually I need your help to help me to give someone a Water Buffalo.

Think about it for a second. You can say you gave someone a Water Buffalo for Christmas. You know Water Buffaloes right?

Like this one:

While we were in Cambodia I noticed how much of the work is still done manually. Also in the few “Real China Adventures” we have had I have been amazed at what life is like outside the cities. Don’t get me wrong the people seem happy and content. But I am sure there are places they are not. And I think we should help them.

So I have started a Heifer International Team, Daniel’s Shoe Factory, and I would like you to help me raise $250 to give someone in South East Asia a water buffalo.

Want more information: Click Here

How to help me: Click Here and join or donate.

I am hoping to raise $250 by Jan 1st 2012.

So step up. Unless you yourself are in need of a water buffalo, then no worries.

So lets help Daniel buy a Water Buffalo for a family in need for this Christmas!

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