My September 11th Rememberance

There are a lot of people will be talking today about September 11th, and the last decade that has gone by. I’m not very eloquent when it comes to this stuff, but I just wanted to share a little. I was in High School, and I remember getting off the bus and people at school were talking about some plane accident. We got to first period, and our teacher began to explain what they think happened, and the possible causes. It just seemed so unreal, like my mind couldn’t really believe it was really happening. The rest of the day, the classes tried to go on like normal, but each class had updates: the second tower was hit, the first tower had collapsed, the second tower had collapsed, etc. One class just had the TV on as we watched the news. It was an odd day. I had friends back east who were concerned for their loved ones, and it still remains a somber memory.

This morning started like most other sunday mornings. I was running around getting ready for church, taking care of a few things, and then I stepped outside to our neighborhood. The local Scouting program (which I had just been put in charge of) had done a simple fund-raiser: people could get for a small donation a flag placed in their yard on holidays by the scouts. Independence Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day, etc.

So today, when I stepped outside, I saw those flags in the yards of all our neighbors. It wasn’t one of the planned days to go out and setup the flags. Without my direction, the young men of our neighborhood thought today the flags should be placed out. So they dropped whatever they were doing before church, and went out and got the flags put in place. These few young men, who were the same age as I was when the towers fell and so many lost their lives, took their time to give a small remembrance for that day. It set the tone for me as I saw all those flags, and made me so appreciative of their service. It was a small reminder as well that we do have great young men and women growing up in our nation. They might drive me nuts sometimes, but I am grateful for their work this morning.

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