Server Monitoring with Wormly

I know I’ve been behind in my posts, so I quickly wanted to catch up with a few I’ve been meaning to post. The first is my recommendation for a service called Wormly. Now, I’ve tried to run my own Nagios servers and such, and they work, but here is why I like Wormly.

  • First, is simple and easy to use. The interface is great, and covers all the basics.
  • Second, downtime and server health monitoring in one package. I’ve always thought these two should go together, but it wasn’t that easy to do on my own with the tools I had. With Wormly, its super easy to set up. You just install a small one-file PHP script.
  • Third, its cost effective. If you are monitoring hundreds of servers, you would probably want to roll your own to integrate it with your own deployment systems. However, if you have just a handful, or even just a few dozen, it is very cost effective.

The bottom line is there is no reason not to have a server monitoring tool in place, and Wormly has been a great tool. We’ve used it to monitor Dating DNA’s and Clipish’s servers for several months, and it is worth every penny. I highly recommend it.

1 thought on “Server Monitoring with Wormly

  1. Wormly has a nice list of features. What is Dating DNA’s?


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