Setting up Nagios for Servers

Ok, so I need to confess, I haven’t been a good blogger. I’ve gone two months without writing a post, which is broke a 2 year streak. But, I’m going to post date these posts, since I can.

How I’ve gone this long without setting up Nagios to monitor servers is beyond me. However, I was tired of my clients and so finding out a server was offline before me. So I threw up a 256MB virtual server on Slicehost, since I don’t have any servers with them at the moment, in case a data center went offline.

I put Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on the VM, and I followed the instructions found here on Linode:

It worked pretty well, but I think in the future I will just install the packages that come with the server distro. The reason being is there were several checking tools, like check_mysql and check_nrpe that were not installed because I didn’t have some dependencies installed.

Now after a few hours I have 9 servers being monitored with about two dozen services being monitored. I also found out that one server had a 96% full HDD, so it already is paying off.

On another note, for those who know me and are curious, I’m in full swing in finding sponsors for this years Utah Open Source Conference. I’ve talked to quite a few, just need to finalize and close their deals. If you know of a company interested in sponsoring this year’s conference, let me know (check the contact me link up above).

3 thoughts on “Setting up Nagios for Servers

  1. thanks By Justin Carmony. good post.


  2. thanks by admin. good post.


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