#hackUTOS – April 24, 2010

I’ve been busy with several blog post floating around in my head, its just a matter of sitting down and writing them out. In the meantime, next Saturday, April 24th, will be #hackUTOS. Here is the news announcement:

If you have ever been interested in creating, improving or just participating in an open source project, here’s your chance!  Do you already have an free and open source software project you are working on?

Come On Down!

At #hackUTOS, there will be developers, designers, documenters, testers and more looking for something to get involved in. Come down and learn how to get involved in an open source project!  Even if you aren’t a developer, there are needs for documentation, testing, promotion and more.

hackUTOS – A Code Festival (RSVP Requested)
April 24, 2010 :: 9am – 6pm
Open Source Technology Center at Novell (map)
#hackUTOS on irc.freenode.net
free admission, free software, free SWAG and free food sponsored XMission and Stackable.com!

More details at the UTOS Wiki.  See our previous posts as well.

Sponsored By:

See you all there!  It’s going to be a blast!



I don’t believe I will be able to attend, but if you are are going to be around the Provo area, and are interested in getting involved in an Open Source project, check it out.

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