BestBuy Gives Me $8,770 — Wait, Just $87.00

So I thought I would quickly throw this up here. I have a Best Buy within minutes of my house, and shop there frequently. Between a TV, and washer/dryer, we’ve spent enough money there to have a “Premier Silver” account. Today, I received an email from BestBuy with my correct account number, stating I had spent enough to keep my Premium Silver status. Then I looked up at how many points I had accumulated. 438,606 reward points! Right next to the points, it says they are worth a total of $8,770 dollars! I was shocked, which quickly turned to a chuckle. I knew it couldn’t be right, since I hadn’t spent even close to $8,770 dollars, so BestBuy must have found a crazy revenue stream to do this.


So I went ahead and logged into my BestBuy account website. Sure enough, I only had 4,386 points worth about $87.00. Its amazing what a two digit difference can make. I wonder how many complaint phone calls BestBuy will field due to this error. I wonder which developer is to blame, and if he is going to get an ear full for this mistake. Personally, I always get very nervous when sending out mass emails. Especially when putting dollar amounts on them.


Maybe I should call up and see if I can get them to honor their email.

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