Dear 2010 – My Plans for Next Year

Update: I started to write this post on the 31st, but the good thing is since Jan 1st I’ve been keeping my goals. Only four days so far, but its a good start.

I can’t believe that 2009 has gone by so quickly. Its been a blast of a year. My last post was a little recap of it, but I’m hoping to make the best of 2010.

I’ve been thinking of a few things I want to accomplish in 2010, and here is a quick list of some of them. I’ll blog at a later date in more detail on exactly how I’m planning on accomplishing this.

  • First off, get into shape! Being a web developer is a pretty stationary job. Especially on days where I work from home. My first goal is to work out 4 days a week before I start my day. So the plan is to wake up, work out for 30-40 minutes, and then get ready for the day. Also, by no means, what-so-ever, am I allowed to check my email first. If I check my email first, I end up getting sucked into my work day. 😛
  • Second, I’m going to give up Coke / Pepsi for the entire year. Those who know me, that is a tall order. However, I figure if I want to get in shape, those drinks have tons of empty calories I could do without. There is one hitch: what happens when I get that phone call at 2 AM that there is an IT emergency? It happens several times a year unfortunately. So I’m planning on drinking Diet Mountain Dew when that happens. Its not my favorite, which is good, because I don’t want to be downing insane amounts of aspartame or splenda.
  • Third, increase my productivity & organization. Looking back these last few years, I feel like I have done pretty well and becoming more and more organized. I feel like I’m pretty efficient when it comes to programming, but as always there is room for improvement. I forget things every now and then, and things fall through the crack. This year I want to tighten the screws & get more stuff done.
  • Fourth, blog my discoveries. I want to keep my blog up to date with my latest endeavors and solutions that I’ve found. Hopefully I can get into the habit.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to go into more details on the goals I’ve outlined. I have several other personal goals, but these are the ones I plan on focusing on now. We’ll see how this go.

7 thoughts on “Dear 2010 – My Plans for Next Year

  1. At some point in the last year or so I stopped drinking soda for the most part. I didn’t have a specific goal in mind, just realizing that I’m getting older and don’t really need the extra calories. I tend to drink a fair bit of water during the day, even if I happen to be up at 2 am (though usually I’d rather be asleep at that hour).


  2. I have a similar goal set!

    The soda thing is easier than you think if you have a substitute. I have been using Country Time lemonade. My main thing was the number of calories I was taking in by drinking soda. For instance a 12oz can of Mt Dew (my personal poison) has 110 calories. I can put down close to a 12 pack a day… do the math.

    Country Time lemonade is 70 calories for 16oz (I use the Country Time singles).


  3. absolutely great and shared intentions : keep them in mind!


  4. I have found this blog article and I must say to you thank you so much for providing this one to us.


  5. hi, actually i really wonder that we are almost at the half of the year. Have you achieved your goals?


  6. absolutely great and shared intentions


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