Great Eats: Grideli’s In Ogden

gridelisTonight Joanna and I realized we had forgotten to take some chicken out to thaw from our freezer. So we decided to pick up some food from our favorite burger & yummy food place in South Ogden: Grideli’s.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking grab something tasty to eat. During lunch, it is the hot spot for all the local businesses, and it is packed! If you’re smart, you go in the evening for dinner and it is a lot less busy.

Joanna and I have a few of our favorites:

  • Firecracker Sandwich – This sandwich is awesome and hot. It is a streak sandwhich with onions, green peppers, cheese, mushrooms, and a habenero sauce.
  • Cajun Philly Chicken Sandwich – It’s like the Firecracker, but not as spicy, but still has an awesome taste.
  • The Gyro Sandwich – This is a Gyro made on pita bread with a yummy sauce.
  • Chicken Cordon Blu Sandwich – Imaging a yummy Cordon Blu dish, but on a sandwich.

Sorry I don’t know all the igrediants on all the sandwiches, I’ve never been really good at remembering that stuff. But I can tell you, they are all really tasty and delicious! You also can’t forget the secret weapon at Grideli’s: Fry Sauce.

If you’re from Utah, you know what Fry Sauce is! If you don’t, it traditionally is a mix of Ketchup and Mayonesse. The really good ones add a few special ingredients, and Grideli’s has the best. It is so much better than just traditional ketcup.

So if you’re hungry and in South Ogden, make sure you try Grideli’s, you won’t regret it!

Grideli’s (Google Map)
6029 Fashion Pointe Dr
South Ogden, UT 84403

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