Speaking: Utah Open Source Conference 2009

I will be speaking this year at the Utah Open Source Conference this year. My presentation is “Real Life Scaling: A Tale of Two Websites.” Here is the abstract:

Scaling is a real issue for many websites. However, many developers try to implement solutions used by the giants of the internet: Google, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. However, many of these techniques are designed for very unique and high demand situations. Implementing these techniques prematurely to smaller websites can lead to overly-complex solutions that can be difficult to manage, and even hinder progress.

See real life examples of from two popular websites: cevo.com and datingdna.com. Learn what challenges and bottlenecks they faced, and the solutions they created to overcome them. Find out what optimizations and implementations returned the greatest ROI for scaling with the project.

CEVO is an online gaming league that hosts thousands of matches for hundreds of video game events. They have contracted with DirectTV, Dell, and other companies to offer branded gaming events. Because the company is run by a staff spread across the USA and Canada, the website runs 100% of their business. Hundreds of gaming servers and player clients communicate with CEVO’s APIs to get real-time information. Learn how they’ve handled the ever increasing load on their servers.

Dating DNA is an online dating community that integrates with today’s popular social networking sites. The site has exploded since it released its iPhone App, which is currently the #1 iPhone Dating App. Learn how Dating DNA has scaled from having daily user sign-ups increase 1000% in a matter of weeks.

This presentation will be given by Justin Carmony, a lead developer for both projects.

I will be speaking on Friday, Oct. 9th at 7:00 PM. I’m looking forward to presenting and have my slides done early for once. Hopefully you all will enjoy it! If you aren’t signed up to attend this year, really consider! It is going to be a very awesome, there are a lot of great of local, and national, presenters. Use the coupon UPHPU to get 50% off attendance! See you there!

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  1. CEVO is an online gaming league that hosts thousands of matches for hundreds of video game events.


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