Being a Productive Developer

Doh! I meant to schedule this for Thursday, so oops! Already off my schedule, but oh well. 😛

These last few weeks my productivity seems to have been fluctuating, and it has been irritating. So I’ve decided over the next few weeks to keep track of how I work, see what works well and what doesn’t, and figure out how I can be more productive.

Just as I would suggest any company with scaling/growth problems, I’m going to do the same with me: metrics. You can’t really know where and what to fix if you can’t tell how they are performing. So I’m going to start to keep track of my time in a lot more detail. I think this will help me in so many fronts, and I’ve known for a long time I need to do this. I’ve signed up for a demo account with Harvest, a time tracking software. Why? They seem to have a great interface, both Windows and Mac apps, and iPhone web and native app. So it will be easy to keep track of what I’m doing no matter what or where I am.

Over these next few weeks I’ll write how things are going, see where I can approve, and how that goes.

3 thoughts on “Being a Productive Developer

  1. It will be interesting to hear how you get on with Harvest. I like Qlockwork (, but I would do, because I wrote it. It like it because you don’t actually have to hit timers or anything, it tracks automatically. However, it does only cover your PC work so it won’t give you the “whole life” experience


  2. whoops, mistyped that:
    wouldn’t want to get that wrong in case anyone wants to visit!


  3. We’re so happy to hear you are checking out Harvest! Please do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, and have fun exploring!


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