A Post A Day, Getting Back Into Writing

I’ve decided as of Today, September 13th, 2009, I am going to try to publish a post a day. My reasoning is simple: I want to improve on my writing and proof reading skills. One can never be too good of a writer. I hope to achieve this by several ways.

Smaller, Concise Entries

I have a tendency to write longer, more in-depth posts about subjects that are more like full fledged articles rather than blog posts. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, its difficult to have long drawn out posts and post frequently. These posts can take a week or two to put together over the little spare time I have. I think if I have a more in-depth topic, either I’ll work on it while publishing smaller posts, or split it up into small sets of series.

After examining the blogs that I follow on my Google Reader, I like blog posts that are easy to read in a few minutes, because any longer and I tend to just skim it and skip the details. Hopefully it will be useful to readers, as well as keep me being more consistent in writing something.

Scheduled Posts

While each day I can’t hope to write, I can keep a “buffer” of scheduled posts. So perhaps one day I’ll write three posts, accounting for a day of travel or vacation. Hopefully I won’t fail, but I really do believe my writing can benefit from frequent postings.

Broader Topic Scope

Before I would try to keep my blog posts focused on PHP, Web Development, or some other topic. What I’ve found out is I’ve had great blog post ideas that weren’t exactly about those topics, but I think would appeal to my audience. Back when I was posting several times a week I would have ten times the traffic that I do now, and I think I can my traffic back up. Worst case scenario I just improve my writing skills, which is never a bad thing.

September 13, 2010

Hopefully I’ll see you in a year with 365 more blog posts to my name. I think if I focus and really try to be consistent, I can pull this off. Wish me luck, and I hope you enjoy reading.

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