Google Wave Jargon

I got my new Google Wave Demo Account. It is very, very alpha, but the concept is pretty awesome. I saw a funny “wave” and thought I would share.

Here is a list of Evolving Google Wave Terminology:

Sea Sick When a wave is way too busy with activity, causing dizziness

Wavejacking When you post a wave and someone hijacks the contents to where it no longer resembles the original idea

Ocean/Beach/Treasure Chest! New Name for the Inbox

Ocean New Name for the Wave Server

Puddle A private conversation

Lake A private conversation with a lot of people

12:24 pm
Michael Lundin:

Puddle Jumper Someone who has lots of private conversations at the same time, for the Atlantis Fans 😀

Drip Stupid question no one answers

Borking Putting stupid bots in the wave. (aka The Swedish Chef or rickrolley or the borkforceone bot)

Borked A wave that has been destroyed by useless bots.

De-Borking Getting rid of stupid bots in a wave.

Fishing Finding Waves which interest you

Tidal Wave/Overflow A wave that is too busy and you get the “Wave of Death” message

Tsunami A wave that insta-crashes the client.

Tuna AKA Spam

Dyke/Dike Spamfilter

Waveticate Appropriate behavior on waves

Wavepocalypse – Point at which a wave turns from conversation to group free-for-all.

Rip Tide When someone jumps into an edit and starts changing the point (or arguing with you)

2 thoughts on “Google Wave Jargon

  1. Hi Justin!
    I read your message with pleasure. In our google-group we have translated it into Russian. 🙂


  2. I’ve got another one for you.

    “Wave Collapse: A point of contention is discussed and resolved, then you delete it and keep the consensus”


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