Obama $100 Million Budget Cuts

Ok, I don’t want to do into depth on my opinion of how Obama is running the country, however being a programmer and I enjoy math, here is some food for thought.

People can have a really hard time visualizing really big numbers: Million, Billion, Trillion. One of my favorite comics, xkcd, touches this concept:

Just to put into perspective Obama’s annoucement a friend sent me this YouTube video:

Its important to keep things in perspective, regardless of which party you belong to, or who you voted for. Had McCain won and came out with the exact same press conference, I’d hope everyone would call him out of it. Just think how ridiculous this is. Imagine if at work you were promised a $10,000 bonus at the end of the year, and then told you weren’t going to receive it due to budget issues. How irate would you be if your boss called you up and said “Hey, we can give you part of your bonus!”, you run to his office, and he hands you a dime. Just try to keep things in perspective, always.

1 thought on “Obama $100 Million Budget Cuts

  1. Hear hear!

    Now make your blog remember me!


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