Quick Update

I’ve written at least one blog post per month since Dec. 2007, and I almost let this month slip by. The other day a good friend asked where I had been since I’ve been so busy, and he mentioned no blog posts. While I have several drafts in progress, instead of rushing one of those I’d just give an update on what I’ve been up to. So while I wait for gigabytes of images to be transferred from an old web server to a new one, I’ll write what I’ve been up to.

First of all, live is going very well. Joanna and I have been doing great and enduring tax season. Since Joanna is an accountant & auditor, she has been working crazy hours, leaving me to do more of the house work. Trust me, I’ll be glad when April 15th comes around.

My day job (and frequently my night job too) is Dating DNA (www.datingdna.com). It is my father’s current company, and it is a very fun project. I get to work from home while trying to make a great, free dating website. It has offered many challenging aspects, and its growing *very* quickly (the main reason I work a lot of nights on it). Some of the cool things that have been interesting to work with are:

  • iPhone App – This has really been the main reason for our growth spurt. While creating an iPhone App has been great, putting up with Apple’s insane approval process has been a nightmare. They have a tendancy to approve Apps friday night without warning, so I spend all weekend playing catch-up with our servers getting hammered.
  • Web Services – I’ve been developing all of the Web Services for the last 6 months for Dating DNA. Right now we have SOAP, but I’m also trying to create a system where I can serve SOAP and REST-like web services from the same code base.
  • Scaling – This project has been a good example of how to help a site scale. While its still relatively small, we’ve had to re-write many portions to make it scale better.

Another project I’ve been working with is CEVO (www.cevo.com). CEVO is an online gaming league for popular multiplayer games. We’re currently working on re-working the website and revamping just about everything. We also are working on a new project with some partners that will be pretty cool, but I can’t share any details at the moment.

Outside of Dating DNA and CEVO, I haven’t really done anything else with technology lately, been too busy. I’ve formed a comany, Carmony Technologies, to help with my taxes so I don’t get killed by Uncle Sam. I’m moving into a office in the end of April, beginning of May.

But thats about it, I just didn’t want my archive to be missing “March 2009.” Hopefully in April I’ll be and to finish some of my draft posts.

1 thought on “Quick Update

  1. Someday I’ll start blogging. Maybe this summer/fall.


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