WhiteHouse.gov YouTube Channel Hacked?

I’m not sure exactly what this is, but its strange. I wanted to add the whitehouse YouTube channel’s RSS feed to my Google Reader. I might not have voted for Obama, but I think he is using new technologies to communicate with people in a very good way. I’m excited for the precedence that he is setting in the government, and for future leaders, on how to leverage the Internet, video streaming, etc.

When I added the RSS feed to my Google Reader, I saw a weird post titled “MPEG FOUR DOJ” with one view. Not sure how it got there, but I highly doubt it was published by Obama’s office.


This brings up one point that Obama’s administration is going to have to face. The whitehouse YouTube channel is has become a highly valuable target for people to hijack. So many groups, from the harmless to extreme, would love to have 5 minutes of fame by compromising the account and posting their own videos. There have been issues with Sara Palin’s email account during the election campaigns. It will be interesting to see how things will shake out.

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