New Dating DNA Front Page

Since we’re still pending in the Apple iPhone App Store for review, we wanted a new fresh image for the Dating DNA website front page. Kevin, the CEO, threw together a simplified new front page. He is pretty good with Photoshop, and knows how to slice up a layout for image and put it into HTML. I know he did it using tables (I know, every serious web developer alive is chringing right now), which works for now. I like the general idea and execution. I think we can polish and refine it a great deal more, but I thought I would get people’s opinions.

One feature we’ve added is the ability for non-users to preview some of our members based on location.

I hope this will help encourage non-members to join for free. I want to go back and AJAXify the front page so users with JavaScript can quickly preview matches. Unfortunately, wih our current to-do list and limited resources and time, it will probably have to wait until later.

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