Speaking: Utah PHP Usergroup – Streamlined Web Development

Next Thursday, November 20th, at 7 PM Mountain Time (9PM EST, 6PM PST) I will be speaking at the Utah PHP Usergroup meeting on “Streamlined Web Development.” I will be speaking with Kevin Carter from Code Greene. Here is the annoucement on the UPHPU website:

I’m very pleased to announce the topic for November’s UPHPU Meeting : Streamlined Web Development using a VCS (Version Control System) and Trac.

Starting the meeting off will be Code Greene’s Kevin Carter. Kevin, who has used Git in a production environment for several months now, will be presenting a primer on how to get started with Git. Additionally, he’ll cover the advantages of distributed source code control and possibly some topics on using git in an svn eniroment. His blog can be found at http://dexterthedragon.com.

Following Kevin will be are main speaker, Justin Carmony. His presentation will focus on the unique challenges with developing, deploying, & managing Website development. Justin Carmony has put together his trips, tricks, and suggestions for streamlining the development cycle. With a focus on automation, using SVN and Trac allows developers to focus on development rather than redundant tasks. Whether a small project with a single developer, or a large project with a big team, SVN and Trac in a LAMP environment can help any developer. Time permitting he will show some of his own live examples of using SVN & Trac. If you have a specific topics or questions you would like addressed in his presentation, please feel free to let him know on his blog.

Justin Carmony has worked in web development professionally for the last four years. With emphasis on PHP, .NET, and Web Services, he has worked on projects ranging from simple websites to complex communications between thousands of remote systems. He currently is working as an independent contractor & private consultant. If you have any questions, comments, or curiosities you can contact him (justin AT justincarmony DOT com) or read about his latest endeavors at his blog (www.justincarmony.com/blog).

We will have streaming as usual and slides will be posted early.

If you’re in the Salt Lake City area, and would like to attend, it will be at the following address: 12393 Gateway Park Place Suite 600, Draper, Utah.

If you’re not able to make it, but would still like to listen in & participate via IRC, check out the UPHPU’s live meeting page. If you have any specifics on what you would like to hear, or have any questions that you would like me to answer in my presentation, leave a comment below.

3 thoughts on “Speaking: Utah PHP Usergroup – Streamlined Web Development

  1. How it was? Are you going to hold a new one?


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