I’m Boycotting Electronic Arts (EA) Games

ealogo.pngAs of today, I’m not going to buy another Electronic Arts (aka EA) video game. I’m tired of their “quantity over quality” point of view, and their poor decisions. I’ve blogged about my problems with EA Games before, but today I read that they are implementing a new system for their forum moderation. Basically, if you get banned on their forums, or any other part of their website, all relating account & games will be banned as well. So for the dozens of EA games that I own that I play online, some volunteer moderator at the EA forums can think my post is out of line, and ban me from all my purchases with EA? Some games aren’t played online, but almost all games now have some form of online participation.

If EA wants to punish its consumers so heavily for posting on their forums what might be inappropriate or out of line, that’s fine, just ban their forum account. But if you ban their entire online gaming connections, that is going too far. This is my last straw with EA, and until I see significant changes in their attitude towards consumers, they will not receive a single penny from me. My money as a consumer is an award for good companies, and I don’t believe in awarding bad companies.

Update: it appears EA has retracted it’s statement to clarify that bans are handled individually, not globally. However, until I see better quality from EA, I’m not buying their games, period.

2 thoughts on “I’m Boycotting Electronic Arts (EA) Games

  1. http://forums.ea.com/mboards/thread.jspa?threadID=457006

    Turns out it’s been retracted already. They’re calling it a misunderstanding… though I bet they saw the immediately backlash and decided to scrap the idea.


  2. Yeah, glad to see they realized it was a terrible idea. As for my wallet, EA is still not getting a penny.


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