Father Sued Over Freedom of Speech

I thought I would step in and write about the total non-sense that has been going on with the Linspire/Freespire debacle. Today I just found out my father, Kevin Carmony and ex-CEO of Linspire, is being sued by Michael Robertson over “… cybersquatting, trademark infringement, and unfair competition…” for “$100,000 and other damages.” You can read the entire post on Kevin’s blog. He summarizes the real intent behind this lawsuit well:

The lawsuit even states, “Although the FREESPIRE mark was recently assigned as part of an asset purchase, [Robertson] expressly reserved all rights in and to all claims against Carmony arising from the freespire.com domain name and website.” Now, why would Robertson want to carve out that one thing to hang on to? He’s no longer involved with Freespire, so why does he care? Is he desperate for money? With Robertson’s companies struggling and laying employees off, does anyone really believe this is the most important thing Robertson should be concerning himself with? His motives are pretty transparent–to suppress freedom of expression that is critical of Robertson.

This is a nuisance lawsuit, intended to silence my freedom of speech. I will defend my right to free speech by continuing to point freespire.com to my blog and keep reporting on Robertson’s disturbing actions.

Enough is enough Michael. You once stated that the “The Record Labels Want My Minivan” playing the victim of a personal lawsuit. Seems rather hypocritical now that you’re suing my father. What about my stocks in Linspire? I was hoping to use them to help pay for school or a down payment on my house. But of course my house, car, or personal money doesn’t matter to you Michael, since you drove Linspire into the ground and sold it’s assets off in a single year. I’m glad to see you valued the shareholders to much. Seems its only a crime when its “your minivan” at risk.

If you want to read up more on Michael Robertson & the Linspire/Freespire issue, you can checkout my father’s blog.

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