WordPress Carrington Theme – I’m Impessed

I just read over at Matt Mullenweg’s blog about the annoucement of the Carrington Theme for WordPress. For those who don’t know, WordPress is a PHP/MySQL based blogging system and is the one I use for my blog. I’ve installed the Carrigton Theme and I really like it. Over the next few weeks I’ll be checking it out and playing around with it. I’ll keep everyone posted!

Update: I guess some people are having an issue downloading the Carrington theme, so I’ve uploaded it to download from my site. Hopefully it won’t kill my bandwidth, but I should be good.

Downloads: Carringon Theme for WordPress

10 thoughts on “WordPress Carrington Theme – I’m Impessed

  1. How come the “d” and the “P” are so close together? They look like they’re literally touching on my resolution.


  2. Yeah, some of theme look really close, but it looks good on my computer. Maybe your monitor is just wacky. 😉


  3. Hi Justin. I can’t connect to the Crowd Favorite site for some reason — maybe it got dugg into oblivion. Can you see it in your heart to shoot it over to me via email so I can check it out?


  4. I’ve gone ahead and sent it to you in an email, as well as uploaded it to my website for download. Hope this helps!


  5. Hello,
    can you help me a bit man?
    i like the theme a lot but i want to put different sidebars for different posts i.e. based on category slug but its not working,
    can you help me on that


  6. Hello.
    I’m try to download this theme “Carrington Theme”
    but the link does’t work I would like if you can send me a good link of the theme I would like to test for a new project that I’m planing my E-mail it’s meborre@meborre.com thanks


  7. Hello,

    I’ve just started to use this theme for a website needing too much WordPress Customization.

    I didn’t find any place to report bugs, but some features like “Custom Category Template” does not work. I found and resolved the bug, but I am surprised when I see no one else faced the same problem.

    Did you have such experiences with this theme?


  8. I haven’t played around with all the features yet. I’ve emailed Alex King to see if they have plans for setting up a forum or wiki for support, ideas, etc. I’ll let you know what I find out.


  9. I too am using the theme. I am wondering if the theme is SEO ready. I have not found the answer (nor a support forum for this template) on the Carrington homepage.


  10. Hi. I’m wondering if you can help me make the main content area (posts) wider. Seems like after I updated from 1.X to 2.0 width went from 570 to 510 px. Been banging my head trying to figure out where the code is located. (Haven’t been able to find a carrington support forum!) Thanks in advance.


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