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I’ve been hacking around with WordPress these last few weeks, and I’ve loved using it so far. My only concern has been that WP seems to be coded with the desire to be compatible with PHP 4.3. I just wonder when WordPress will take a OOP approach to it’s design. It would make things more simple for new developers.

I would love for WordPress 3.0 to have an OOP approach. I would love for one of the goals of WP 3.0 would be for it’s OOP core would be taken and used in another other website. A great example would be with a Dating Website I’m working on. It would be great to be able to have members have their own blogs and we could have it 100% integrated with our system. Right now I feel like it would take a lot “hacking” methods to get it to work, and when upgrades to WordPress would come it would be hard to upgrade. I really think WP needs to bite the bullet and make the change to OOP.

My wish list for WordPress 3.0 would be:

  • OOP Based System – When making a plugins and themes, I think this would make it a lot cleaner and more straight forward.
  • WP Core API for custom blog system (i.e. site integration)
  • Graphical Stats System – I would love to watch my stats live on my blog.
  • Browse & Install Plugins/Themes from WP Control Panel – this would be awesome if from my WP control panel I could browse plugins, etc, and then click an “install” button and have it download it via FTP and install it. This would just be cool.

How would you make WordPress more OOP like?

7 thoughts on “WordPress & OOP

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  2. I’m impressed with WP in every move they have taken till date. I was a Joomla fan before.. however with the WP..2.7. I’m putting all my effots to learn WP and till date .. I love wp for it is simple, clear and very straight forward and not bloated as joomla

    BTW … I hate to see myself commenting on your post just after the spammers have commented on it 😀


  3. thanks very much, great information. Keep up the great work.


  4. the last wish has come true with wp 2.8


  5. I would love to have OOP and MVC design, tho Im guessing wp developers are dinossaurs who dont know or want to use any kind of design pattern


  6. I want to start blogging too what do you think, which blog platform is good for beginner?


  7. We could always just get a group of people together and make it happen?


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