Why Google Chrome is Good for FireFox


I’ve heard time after time people saying how FireFox might take a backseat to Google Chrome. However, I actually think Chrome and FireFox will benefit from each other. I think FireFox has nothing but to gain from Google Chrome. Let me give you an example why:

My brother Bryce works at Best Buy. They’ve been selling Apple Macs for the last few months and Bryce hates selling them to customers. The reason is people come in, say they want a Mac because they’ve heard so much about them, don’t listening to any suggestions or tips, and just buy it. That would be great, except usually within 1-2 weeks they come back wanting to return their Mac. Why Bryce asks why, one of the classic responses is “Well, I couldn’t find Internet Explorer.” These customers have been so accustomed to doing things their way that they don’t understand how to use anything else.

FireFox’s biggest challenge is getting the word out about FireFox and how it can be used to browse the internet. So many people think the only way you access the internet is through Internet Explorer. The concept of web browsers is just foreign to them. However, if Google, a name they know, introduces a better product than Internet Explorer, people will get the idea of there is more than Internet Explorer. Once people understand there is more to web browsers than Internet Explorer, people will be open to using something like FireFox.

I honestly believe the people who will like Chrome will like it as an alternative to IE. If people like FireFox, I can hardly imagine anyone picking Chrome over FireFox. People love the extensions, themes, performance, and all-around feel of FireFox. I think Chrome will only take a bite out of IE’s, and help people discover FireFox, not anything to take away from FireFox.

Besides, Chrome is Open Source, and if anything really cool shows up in Chrome, FireFox could implement it. So all of your nay-sayers about Chrome being the end of FireFox, I think FireFox will only benefit from the new browser on the market.

1 thought on “Why Google Chrome is Good for FireFox

  1. It’s actually spelled “Firefox”… only one capital letter. 🙂


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