iPhone SDK 2.1 – Another NDA

Until Apple change’s their attitude and policies, they will never be a Microsoft, Sun, or other monolithic technology company. Why? Their NDA on the new iPhone SDK 2.1 hinders developers seriously. They are so tight lipped about everything and are such control freaks that they will never replace Microsoft. If someone asked me today if I could magically snap my fingers and have Apple replace Microsoft, I would say “hell no.” Using their Laptops and Phones is one thing. Developing blindly with nothing but half-baked documentation and a NDA shoved down my throat is another beast.

I don’t have time to describe every little detail as to why Apple is absolutely retarded about prohibiting developers from collaborating with each other. We endured it while the iPhone 2.0 wasn’t out, but if Apple can’t trust anyone, they are in the wrong business. Maybe one day I’ll rant some more, but until I want to waste some time on complaining about Apple, I think I’ll just let everyone else do it to. I just wanted to throw in my two cents that I’m frustrated with Apple.

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