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I’ve recently subscribed to Lorelle’s blog who I met at the LT Pact. She is by all means a professional blogger and really know a lot of stuff. She is also kinda crazy, but in a good, passionate way. Just never, EVER misspell WordPress (its WordPress, not WordPress) or Plugins (not Plug-ins).

Every week she has a blog challenge, and to make sure I keep up my blogging I thought this week’s challenge was appropriate for my blog. She challenged to blog about your computer setup, now and then. First lets talk about my setup back in the day.

Quite simply, it was the family computer.

My family has always had 2 or 3 computers around the house. Having a technology business father always meant we had new stuff around the house, and usually the kids got the old used left overs. So there was always a “family” computer used to do homework and play games. I can remember a few of them: the Compaq Presario, the Dell Insperon, the Totally Awesome Computer (not a joke, there used to be a company called that here in Utah), and finally I built my own from there on out. The computer was always in the kitchen/family room area where everyone could see what we were up to. It had only one monitor, keyboard, mouse, and usually a joystick.

Boy have I come a long way from that:


We just moved into our new house, so things are a mess still, but that is basically my computer layout, in all of it’s grandeur. Thats right, you see 4 monitors. Well, its really three monitors and a laptop. You have my trusty chair which has always served me well, although my wife tells me it leans way to far back (she is probably right).


My computer is a custom built, about $2,000 machine. For how much I use it, its worth every penny. I’ll get into the specs another day.


Its a full tower, and it is super heavy.


And it is kind of a mess in there. I feel some what naked showing the insides of my PC to the world…

Then you have my three trusted monitors. My primary 24″ Gateway:


Then my secondary 21″ sceptre:


and then my third, old school CRT monitor:


That CRT is really nice to have around, being able to change resolutions to see what I want is really nice. So when I do a screencast I usually screencast from that monitor because I can scale it down without it looking like crap.

Then I have my new MacBook Pro:


I like it a lot, and I switch between my Mac and PC with my wonderful KVM:


I couldn’t recommend a better USB KVM. It works flawlessly. Then you have my killer G5 mouse with… a Rocketfish mouse pad!


There are tons of gamers who swear by their lives about the Icemat or Steelmat gamer mouse pads. I’ve had and tried both, and I much prefer this generic brand mouse pad found at any BestBuy location. Its bigger, lighter, thinner, and feels a lot better. I hate my Icemat now compared to this.

As you probably noticed, my desk is just an old school fold out desk. Hey, it might not look like much, but it works well for me!

Hope this works for ya Lorelle!

2 thoughts on “My Computer Setup

  1. Yeah, this is great for NOW but where are the pictures of THEN? Huh? Huh? šŸ˜€

    My husband and I have stories of running hundreds of feet of phone cord through campgrounds late at night to connect out desktop computer-on-the-road through an acoustic coupler velcroed to a payphone desperate trying to connect to the new Internet and the rest of the world. Now we use WIFI and pay too much at expensive hotels and get it free at cheap hotels. Guess where we stay the most? šŸ˜€

    Ah, those were the days. And now I have monitor-envy. SIGH.


  2. I believe that i have got the same computer setup which is shown above.


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