Mac Keyboard Quirks – Making Mac more like Windows

Alright, the sound of dying Apple fanboys are crying through out the internet at the posting of this entry, but there are two things I can’t stand about the Mac:

Command & Control are switched – this is a major pain, especially when using a KVM to switch between a Windows, Mac, and Linux machine. It is just crazy!

Home & End – They don’t work like they should on every other OS. I’ve never really figured out exactly what they do on Mac, but on Windows they go to the beginning or end of a line.

So here are some simple free fixes to change these behaviors on your Mac:

Fix Command & Control

Fix Home & End

Another issue I’ve had is Alt-Tab doesn’t exists on Mac, its Ctrl-Tab and the functionality isn’t the same. I like Ctrl-Tab, but sometimes I’ve very accustom to my Alt-Tab. I found this program called Witch that enables Alt-Tab, and all sorts of other cool features. It isn’t free, it is shareware, but I haven’t seen any annoying notices to buy it, so we’ll see how it works out.

3 thoughts on “Mac Keyboard Quirks – Making Mac more like Windows

  1. In addition to Keyfixer, if you run Firefox on your mac, you should consider running Keyfixer for Firefox. 0.3 is now available that works with FF 3 (as well as FF 2). This fixes the VERY annoying Home and End problem when running FF.



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