WhySecurity.org – A New Mini-Project

Yesterday while listening to the security panel’s discussion for LT Pact there seemed to be a common theme: end-users want security, but they don’t want to be inconvenienced or do anything to do something about it. It seemed like the only way a person learned about security was when it was too late, they had a serious problem, and serious losses were occurred. So I had an idea: why not have a visitor to a website take a quick questionnaire, just some simple questions to find out what type of user they are and at what risk they are at. After a few questions it would show stories of real experiences of people with similar situations and the devastating affects they had when being compromised.

While this is a semi large project, and I don’t have time to dedicate to it at the moment (my boss would kill me if I did), I bought the domain WhySecurity.org and will be putting up a little blog there for the time being. Once I find a handful of other people willing to help pull together the content I’ll start actually working on the system. If you are interested please email me at justin (AT) justincarmony.com.

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