Why I love ecto

Ecto is a blogging program that I’ve come to love and use almost daily. It has taken the hassle out of using a web interface for writing to my blog. Here are several reason why I love to use it:

1. Images

I can quickly and easily take a screenshot, or drag and drop images into by blog posts without a single worry. Using Control-Command-Shift-3 I can take screenshots and paste them directly to my blog. Below is an image I took a screenshot of and pasted directly into ecto, completely removing any hassle.


2. A great editor w/ Category & Tag Support

I like the feel of the editor and how it works. It has great category & tag support. It will list your categories and tags and you simply check which ones to use, or you can add a new one. (See Image Below)


3. Manage multiple blogs quickly.

I can manage my personal blog or one of the CEVO blogs without having to change URLs, open new browsers, or anything else. ecto keeps a list of all my blogs and I can post to any one of them easily.

If you want to check out ecto, I highly advise it. It has made blogging so much more seamless for myself. When before I would rarely blog every month, now I’m blogging weekly.

2 thoughts on “Why I love ecto

  1. You just made them $17.95. =)



  2. lol, I’ll have to email them and ask for a commission 😉


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