iPhone 3G – My Personal Perspective

Well, after reading Kevin’s opinion about the new “iPhone 3G” I thought that I’d throw my two cents in:

The iPhone is getting a nice upgrade. 3G and GPS will be a great addition, as well as large price drop. However, I believe that the iPhone is not for everyone. Why? Just like laptops, people have different priorities than others. Kevin loves his MacBook Air for travel, but I prefer my MacBook Pro over the Air for traveling any day. Why? Two perspectives and goals. Both Kevin and I usually have to some work when we travel, but our work is greatly different. Kevin mainly needs his laptop for exchanging information, so using Email, Skype, etc. My work is heavily dependent on graphical work and programming. So I need the extra horse power.

With the iPhone, its great for people who like to stay connected with the world but not run their world through their mobile device. Critics of the iPhone’s lack of a physical keyboard are usually people who write emails constantly from their mobile device. While I like the iPhone’s keyboard, I rarely write more than a sentence or two, usually stating a few things followed by “I’ll explain a little more when I get to the office.”

For the total road warrior, I would honestly suggest a Blackberry, since the physical keyboard allows for better typing for a larger quantity. But no matter what anyone says, every should appreciate what the iPhone is doing for the all mobile devices. It is shattering paradigms and raising the bar. I’m sure all major phone manufacturers are moving to stay competitive with Apple, which will make their products better.

The reason I use the iPhone is I wanted to stay in touch with my work when needed where ever needed. Sometimes critical problems are sent to my email, and I felt guilty sometimes when I would be “away” from an accessible computer for long periods of time. For email, I can read and keep in touch, and respond with quick replies. I love the internet browser, it is by far the best internet browser for the time being on a mobile device. It is very intuitive and easy to use. I can stay up-to-date on my favorite sites while waiting in line, and I can check web stats and control panels if needed.

I’m looking forward to the new iPhone, the iPhone SDK, and the Apple store. I hope that other companies stay competitive with Apple to keep pushing the limit with mobile devices.

1 thought on “iPhone 3G – My Personal Perspective

  1. I agree that the iPhone isn’t for everyone, no device or solution ever is, but I do believe in the long run, more people will end up with iPhones than Blackberries. I can type as fast on my iPhone as anyone I’ve met can type on any other mobile phone. Anyone who bumps into me on the street is welcome to challenge me to a dual. =)



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