iPhone SDK – Learning the Basics by Removing the Touch

After looking around for tutorials on the iPhone SDK, I’ve come to a revolutionary idea on learning the iPhone SDK: Learn it by programming in something else.

The iPhone SDK, which is basically Cocoa Touch, is based of the Cocoa framework, which is used to make programs for the Mac OSX. While the documentation for the iPhone SDK is limited, and outside resources are non-existent, information for the regular Cocoa framework is very large. There are tons of books, tutorials, videos, etc.

Many iPhone developers are experiencing Objective-C, XCode, Interface Builder, etc. for the first time. Most of us have backgrounds in web design, java, C#, Visual Studio, etc. Many of us have never, ever programmed for a Mac before. Due to the iPhone breaking the barriers of cell phones, many new developers are entering into a Mac world. My work bought a MacBook Pro for me to use for making an iPhone application.

My suggestion is to try making simple Cocoa applications. Get a good book that helps walk through the ideas of programming, I’ve been using Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X. Learning how to use Cocoa will teach you the same principles such as:

  • Using Objective-C
  • Familiarity using the basics of Interface Builder.
  • Using Apple Frameworks, such as Cocoa.
  • Using Xcode
  • And much more!

Hopefully I’ll be able to post more on my experience without breaking any NDAs…..

1 thought on “iPhone SDK – Learning the Basics by Removing the Touch

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