iPhone SDK DNA – A Frustrating Issue

I’ve been searching all over the internet for good resources on the iPhone SDK and tutorials. I know that many times that an SDK can sometimes be a little much to take in, and that it’s documentation usually is too comprehensive for simple tutorials. It also is very important to have 3rd party tutorials for places where documentation is thin.

The documentation on how to use the iPhone Interface Builder is non-existent on apple’s site, so I searched on the internet for some insight. I found links to several tutorials, but each tutorial listed something like the following:

I’m sorry, but I didn’t realize I was under NDA, so I’ve removed this tutorial.

I checked the agreement, and sure enough, there is a little mini “NDA” stating iPhone SDK developers are not allowed discuss things about the SDK in public. Now I can understand why, they don’t want companies like Microsoft, Nokia, etc. gaining access to the SDK’s details without having to agree to the NDA.

But where am I suppose to get help and collaborate with the iPhone SDK when the documentation is unclear? Or I need other examples? If Apple had a collaborative website for the ADC members, with forums, wiki, etc, this wouldn’t be a problem, because every person on the website would have agreed to the NDA. But no, I’m left with nothing but the Apple public forums, which really doesn’t do the trick.

So, I’m glad Apple has successfully stifled the collaborative efforts of developers, at least legally anyways.

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