iPhone SDK release on March 6th?

According to Information Week the iPhone SDK will be released March 6th. It seems a full blown event is happening, so I doubt we’ll have to worry about it being pushed back. However from their news post it seems applications have to be approved. Will there be a way to get apps without having Apple’s consent? I hope so. I’m tired off my applications, PCs, and devices treating me like I’m a 4 year-old. Yes, I understand the general populous will download, install, infect, and destroy any of their devices while the whole time saying “what? what happened?”

But I am not that way. I am a developer who understands viruses and using trusted applications. I don’t need Apple to babysit me. Hopefully they will allow you to get non-approved apple programs, becuase you never know what Apple might censor as a “non-approved” item. (VoIP, etc)

1 thought on “iPhone SDK release on March 6th?

  1. I’m actually kind of excited to see what is possible. I actually just got a MacBook and have skimmed over the developer tools.


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