ASP .NET GridView Access to Data In Code

There are situations where you want to gain access to the GridView’s DataSet to display extra information outside of the GridView. I found the following code to work the best for me. You can get the information from the DataSource of a GridView by doing the following:

DataView dv = (DataView)sdsDataSource.Select(DataSourceSelectArguments.Empty);
if (dv != null)
strName = (String)dv.Table.Rows[0][“Name”];
catch { strName = “N/A”; }

You should be able to access whatever information you need from the DataView.

2 thoughts on “ASP .NET GridView Access to Data In Code

  1. Programmers heavily use the gridview control. Adding some effects to the gridview will change the appearance so that user interactivity increases


  2. I definitely love reading your insight and learning from your blogsite. Thank you for the interesting and informative article. – Diego


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