iPhone & Vista 64-Bit…. Finally!

Here is the good news finally: iPhone Supports Vista 64-Bit. It’s about time, its only taken 6+ months to get a version of iTunes that works with Vista 64-Bit. I will say that Apple seemed to be the slowest people to adapt to 64-Bit for Windows. And for every apple fan boy who said downgrade to 32-Bit…..

  1. I have 4 Gig Ram, which 32-Bit only works with 3.5 GB, and I’m probably going to drop in another 2 Gig in the very near future. (And, more and more computer vendors are moving to make 2 GB standard and 4 GB upper end, instead of the previous 1GB standard 2GB upper end)
  2. Within 1-2 months all my latest software was updated and compatible with Vista 64-Bit. Most aren’t compiled 64-Bit, but they work perfectly like they would on a 32-bit machine.

To everyone who said get a Apple computer for 64-Bit machine….

  1. I make my living off C# programming.
  2. I like to play video games, and more than the 2% of games that get ported to Mac.
  3. I like building my own PCs. Right now to get a Mac Pro for the same specks would be…. $5,349.00 instead of the less than $2,000 that I built my machine, and I can do just about anything with my machine… Mac limits me.
  4. I love the Apple OSX interface, but there just isn’t enough programs out there for me to use it.

However, I wouldn’t mind a MacBook Air for on-the-go work and travel….

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