iPhone and WordPress

I am now testing my new plugins for my iPhone for wordpress. So far they seem pretty good. I got two plugins: one for visitors and another for an admin panel.

I’ll write the rest from my computer…

There we go. Don’t get me wrong, I love the iPhone keyboard, but I’m pretty sure that a full size keyboard is much faster to type on. Now, how I did it. The two plugins are called iPhone Mobile Admin and iWPhone.

iPhone Mobile Admin

I’m not sure how great this plug-in is because I’ve never tried to write a post from the regular WordPress Admin Interface. However, it seems pretty good. Not nearly as nice as Google’s interface, which I’ll blog about later, but its pretty good. It was rather slow when I first tried it, but now it seems to be a little bit snappier. While I don’t know if this would be ideal for writing every post, I can see a huge advantage for a person trying to moderate some comments while waiting at a restaurant. It has all the features for 2.3.2 of WordPress including tags. It also comes with an interface for Windows Mobile, so users of Samsung Blackjacks and T-Mobile Dash’s can blog easily from their interface as well.


I’m the most impressed by this plug-in and I see a higher gain from it. It basically takes your blog and if an iPhone user comes to your website it displays an optimized view for iPhone users. Now, my blog dealing a great deal with code isn’t as useful because my code highlighter doesn’t display perfectly on the iPhone layout, but if you’re looking at code examples on your iPhone…. I think you should get another PC.

1 thought on “iPhone and WordPress

  1. Appreciate the heads up on these apps.


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