WoWscape Totem Vendors

If you’re a Shaman Alliance and you’ve glitched one of your totem quests, there are totem vendors on WoWscape. However, after looking on their forums and search the web, no one could tell me where they were. So I’ve found them, took the coordinates, and make a screenshot.

For Alliance in Stormwind Keep you can find them at (Stormwind City) [77,24]. I’ve included a picture of exactly where. Hopefully you won’t wander around aimlessly like I had to for ages.

WoWscape Totem Vendor Map Location

3 thoughts on “WoWscape Totem Vendors

  1. Hi I found you on the Knight Of Revolution forums πŸ™‚ You would more likely know me as Terra πŸ™‚


  2. Tnx man!

    Just went there and bought air & fire.


  3. nice work – ur a legend lol! major timesaver


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