To Blog or Not To Blog…

Alright, I’ve decided I like WordPress more than TextPattern. I won’t go into details to avoid any flames, though I doubt I will receive any.

The goal this time around is to make this blog more of a developer’s notes for myself. This way I can look back on my notes for useful information (like regular expressions, I used them once and awhile every few months, but I have to re-learn it every time!) and things I hope other people will find useful.

I might also throw in a few personal things or things for other projects I work on (like


1 thought on “To Blog or Not To Blog…

  1. Well, Justin, I’m proud of you! Looks like you’ve gone and blogged once a month for almost 3 years since setting up this blog.

    However, the most ironic part, is that to this date I haven’t recorded any notes on Regular Expressions, out of 180 some odd articles. Guess I still need to write about those.


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